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Isagenix International LLC is a privately held multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells dietary supplements and personal care products. The company, based in Gilbert, Arizona, was founded in 2002 by John Anderson, Jim Coover, and Kathy Coover. As of 2013 the company reported having over 200,000 active MLM distributors. In 2017, the company reported revenues of $958 million.


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Lucy says

"I Do Not recommend it!!!! I am so disgusted with Isagenix, I have emailed customer service on 31.12. To cancel my autoship order as I have lost my job and I am not able to afford it for now, I got reply today 6.1. That order was shipped and I can return it on my own expenses. I am not happy at all!"

Megan Coupland says

"Soooo expensive and stupid website"

Steve Ryan says

"JUST DON"T! There are far less expensive products available over counter in health shops and those shops that sell protein powder which are just as effective as Isogenix products. Don't let Isogenix people tell you any different. Buying similar products from those shops are as simple was walking into those shops, asking what is available for what you want to achieve, and buying them over the counter. You don't have to open any sort of account and they will accept cash as payment if you prefer to pay that way. Don't get sucked in by the Isogenix sales spiels. The people who will have you believing all these wonderful things about the product have a vested interest in you buying the product. They don't want you to shop around with an opened mind about what else is available for a much lower cost. They want to suck you in. They themselves are probably brain washed into believing the nonsense they preach to anyone who will listen and potentially get sucked in. Do whatever you like, I don't have a vested interested either way but if writing this is going to save anyone who is reading it from being sucked in and ripped off, then at least some good has come from it. Also if you wan't a refund on the product, the steps you have to go through is a nightmare. They don't make it easy. You have to ring a number, get put on hold forever and then when the phone is answered, it's answered by someone in a call center in a foreign country who is an absolute nightmare to communicate with. Save yourself the hassle and just give them the wide birth from the start. Oh and if you want to lose weight, cutting out things like junk food and exercising more generally works with most people and it's totally for free. Just think about that before giving out credit card details. thanks for reading!"

De Harrison says

"Avoid at all costs, it's simply a predatory pyramid scheme that prays on your mental health. Their sales people will always try and befriend you with the one and only goal to sell you over priced products (that aren't real fresh produce) so that they can make a cut and the profit moves up the pyramid."

Eugene Daniel says

"Strange sales concept whereby first you get signed up by an agent who is based on commission and get promised it's for a year only. You find out that you cant easily get out of it. The products themselves are useless and just ordinary milkshake etc. I'd avoid this."

Lisa Richardson says

"This company is a SCAM!!! I joined as a friend showed results and assured me it would be safe with my illnesses. NOT SO!! I tried to suspend my account for a second time, the site would not allow me to do that, so I sent several emails to cancel my account; I received auto responses that stated I would be contacted within three days....NOPE, didn't happen; I tried calling several times, only to get a recording stating that they were working on their customer service and to please call again. No message option. All the while they are still trying to get money off of my credit card. I had to CANCEL my CREDIT CARD!!! DON'T FALL FOR THIS PRODUCT!!!"

Carrick says

"I innocently bought this through a ‘trusted’ colleague, not realising it is a Multi Level Marketing aka Pyramid scheme. Sole objective is to sell and keep selling then get you & their other customers to sell it on. They can then supposedly cream in the money. Incentivised by holidays and post loads of inspirational lifestyle photos of prizes to spur on their sellers. Isagenix clinical research cited is all in-house, not independent trials. It markets on ‘health’ benefits rather than just weight loss, to justify the price. “You can’t put a value on your health.” This ‘plan’ cost me £450 a month for 3 months. Similar nutritionally equivalent products are available at less than a 1/3 of the price. I checked specifically with my ‘Nutritional Health Consultant’ (salesperson) and.was told it was definitely safe for two chronic illnesses. It isn’t and resulted in me being hospitalised. They are not medical professionals but act as though they are. It is highly irresponsible and dangerous. Basically they tell you anything to make you buy and offer discounts or insist on automatic shipping (monthly deliveries, kerching). The salespeople flood social media with ‘inspirational’ weight loss photos and stories - that aren’t their real customers. They leave and get family/friends to leave positive reviews everywhere and challenge any negative real ones. They post about you all over social media, without your permission, break every GDPR law, but don’t care. They want to give the impression that it’s really popular and that loads of people are joining every day. If you stop spending £450 a month and start eating a normal low calorie diet, the weight goes straight back on. Basically it is an incredibly well marketed but total scam. Be warned."

Jess says

"If I could give it no stars I would. The products didnt work for me but the girl I bought them from said I had to use the whole 30 days. Contacted her and told her how disappointed I was, she never answered me and she called the company saying she was me to cancel the auto ship. She said she would take care of everything. I never received my money back and was told the guarantee is only for unopened products within 30 days. Out $500 and didnt lose anything!"

Lisa Bjj says

"The product itself is good but the customer service is terrible. When I signed up I was pressured into buying all kinds of stuff I didn't want. I was still strong enough to only get what I wanted which was the meal replacement shakes only but they didn't stop trying to add lots of other stuff I didn't want or need. Well I had no idea I was on autoship but apparently I was. OK that's fine but notification would have been great. Well one month I decided I wanted to change my flavor so I contacted them and changed my flavor and expected that would be my autoship and the older flavors would cancel out. Nope I got a double order. When I called they said I could return it but I would have to pay the shipping. I am also right down the street from where it was to be shipped and they would not allow me to just drop it off. I forced them to cancel my autoship all together and I have not ordered since. I get better customer service from any other online health store. This is not the way to keep a customer happy. Sad! I'm sorry but they can afford to pay for return shipping."